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Archangel Entertainment” Brings to you “DHAAKAD” a Web Series packed with Action, Entertainment & Drama. All Episodes Streaming 2019 only on “Archangel Entertainment YouTube channel” Please do subscribe our channel for more updates.


Why choose Archangel Entertainment?
Perfect for amateurs and professionals alike
Young Dedicated Crew

Our entire team ranging from marketing to production crew consists of young and motivated individuals that show true professionalism to meet the targets.

Domestic and Foreign Services

We provide our services to domestic as well as foreign filmmakers who seek to take on ventures in this area.

Strategic Planning and Innovation

Every project is well planned and executed keeping in mind the risks that come with them and carefully manage things from time to time.


Turning our Viewers into Fans since 2009 and ongoing….

Statistics Of Archangel Entertainment
Film Industry will not die out until the cinemas are dark
Attractive Shoot Locations

We select one of the best shoot locations for our film productions so that along with our film viewers even the project crew enjoy working as a team with plenty of new experiences.

Advance Production Planning

Our crew has a great tendency of planning out the production work well in advance so that as our promises we do not delay with our release dates & keep our viewers engaged with us.

Positive Reviews

We have well satisfied our huge number of fans and viewers with their expectations of our releases and have been awarded too for a number of films in this course of time.

New Faces

We have selected many new faces for our production house and given chances to many new upcoming talents in this emerging film industry.

Awards & Recognition
Munish Khan, Founder of Archangel Entertainment

Munish Khan is the founder and managing director of “Archangel entertainment” through which he continues to follow his creative passion of filmmaking and acting. His production house has belted out many bollywood films , regional films, short films and web series.

  1. Munish Khan has been honoured with¬† best debut actor award for his bollywood movie “Kota Junction” by RFF Rajasthan Film Festival in 2016.
  2. Munish Khan as producer was honoured with Special Jury award (hindi) in 1st Jharkhand International Film Festival 2018 for his Short film “Brown Water.
  3. Munish Khan as actor was honoured with 8th Bharat Ratan Dr. Ambedkar Award in 2018.

In keeping with current trends his films are mostly based on recent ongoings in the world carried out in a meaningful manner which stands as inspiration not just for youngsters but everyone who likes to be entertained along with a meaningful message.

Munish Khan is also the founder of “Network IN24news” a web news channel based in Mumbai. Established in 2016 this channel has seen a rise like a phoenix with promising growth and a huge success rate and will continue to set benchmarks in the future with its unique design concept and people friendly platform for Mumbai Indians to voice their opinions and grievances consequently helping them lead better lives.

Prior to this Munish Khan has famously been known as the backbone of “Health Reactive” an Ayurvedic boon in the form of an elixir (Body Revival) discovered by his Father Scientist Munir Khan. It has been known to cure many lifestyle and life-threatening diseases. Under his Leadership Health Reactive has grown to great heights,he has been responsible and driving force as the head of production, Packaging, marketing, accounting, brand management, corporate sponsorships and distribution for the past several years. This has earned him several accolades and refined his business acumen. He is also philanthropic as Munish Khan feels most fulfilled when his vision and ability to nurture relationships lead to long-term solutions and success.

Quote – “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep , and miles to go before I sleep , and miles to go before I sleep.” (Robert Frost)

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