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23 May / Bhawari

 Written and directed by Lakhvinder Singh

 Creative Producer – Munish M Khan


   Under the banner of Archangel Entertainments, Rajasthani Film Bhawri was produced by Sarosh Khan and Directed by Lakhvinder Singh. Bhawri was released on 29th June, 2012 all over Rajasthan in more than 35 cinemas including multi screen theaters like Inox in Kota and Polo victory in Jaipur and remained houseful in many theaters of Rajasthan
Rajasthani Film Bhawri was a big topic of discussion in Media and Audience during its release. This movie is a Tragic Love story of an couple set in the background of Traditional and backward Society, in which the boy belongs from a richer Family and girl from a poor Family of Rajasthan.

did a very good business in Rajasthan and made its place in top 5 blockbuster films of Rajasthan.

is proved as the turning point in the cinema in which there was no film released in past 30years. After its release, back to back production of Rajasthani films started and its development has taken a very good speed.

got appreciations from Audience, Makers, Media and Politicians of Rajasthan.


Movie trailer link– //


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11 Mar / Hukum

 Directed by Lakhvindar singh

 Produced by Munish M. Khan


Movie trailer link– //


  Under the Banner of Archangel Entertainment Rajsthani Film HUKUM was Produced by Munish M Khan and Written & Directed by Lakhvinder Singh. HUKUM is 2014 Regional Rajasthani Action Film based upon the Traditions of Rajasthan. Its Screenplay was been Written by Lt. Kannan Iyer and Dialogues by Shivraj Gurjar. HUKUM was released on 14th March, 2014 all over Rajasthan and recorded its name in history of Rajasthani regional Film Industry as it was the First movie in Rajasthan which was released together in 50 Cinemas of Rajasthan including Multiplex Theaters.  HUKUM was Commercially Successful Film of Rajasthan.


Sarosh Khan, Neha Shree Singh, Andaz Khan, Sikandar Chauhan and Usha Jain were in Lead Roles.


HUKUM got appreciation from Audience, Makers, Politicians of Rajasthan and of Bollywood. HUKUM received Following Awards-

  1. Best Cinematographer                        – Rajasthan International Film Festival 2015
  2. Best Director                   ­­                     – Rajasthan Film Awards 2015
  3. Best Actor Debut Male                        – Rajasthan Film Awards 2015
  4. Best Actor Female                               – Rajasthan Film Awards 2015
  5. Best Actor in Negative role Female  – Rajasthan Film Awards 2015
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